2022: Extending the Reach of HITH

The conference sessions will begin the morning of Thursday 17 November and conclude by 4.30pm Friday 18 November. Keynote presentations will be planned for the opening and closing plenaries. The HRT Workshop will also be held alongside our ASM. See our associated events page for further information. Please plan your travel to attend the full conference so you don’t miss out on any valuable information.

    80% of survey respondents in 2021 thought the program content and relevance was excellent.

The theme of the Conference is Extending the Reach of HITH focusing on In-Reach and Out-Reach.  The HITH Conference organising committee aim to broaden the people engaged in HITH and the linkages with non-traditional HITH services.  The program will explore sub-themes of:

i) Women & Children
ii) Staffing and models of care
iii) Profile, linkages and engagement

More information will be available as the program is developed.