Dr Nicole Hancock

Director of Medical Assessment and Planning Unit
Princess Alexandra Hospital

Dr Hancock is a General Physician who recently moved to Brisbane to take on the role of Director of Medical Assessment and Planning Unit at Princess Alexandra Hospital.  This followed 16 years as a physician at the Royal Hobart Hospital.  The role at PAH has evolved to include medical governance of the hospital in the home component of the Acute Care at Home program which allows Dr Hancock to work more in the hospital admission avoidance space.

During the period as Clinical lead with the Health Services Innovation Tasmanian clinical redesign program (2014-2017), Dr Hancock developed increasing awareness of the theory and practice of clinical leadership.  Combined with years of observation and learning “on the run”, Dr Hancock has found a strategy that works for her in her desire to lead, engage and aspire.

Dr Hancock is not widely published, does not have a professorial title nor aspires to have more letters after her name- she gains significant pleasure from working in a multi- disciplinary team, supervising the physicians of the future and leading a team through change to improve the health care journey of patients.